Affordable Storage in Monroe, LA


Don’t like our prices?  No problem! We price match!

Unit Size SQFT Rent
5×5 25 $25.00
5×6 30 $30.00
6×6 36 $35.00
5×10 50 $42.00
5×12 60 $45.00
6×12 72 $50.00
5×15 75 $55.00
10×10 100 $65.00
10×12 120 $68.00
10×15 150 $80.00
10×20 200 $105.00
10×25 250 $120.00
10×30 300 $140.00
23×30 690 $170.00
30×30 900 $195.00


Are you in the Monroe, Louisiana area and looking for affordable storage? Look no further than Affordable Safe Storage! We provide a wide array of storage unit size for affordable prices.

Looking to downsize your home? Have a baby on the way and need to clean out the man cave for the future nursery? Maybe you just bought that sweet, new, sparkling fishing boat with all the bells and whistles, but your wife is refusing to allow it to be parked in her spot in the garage. Whatever your needs, we have space for you. And it’s affordable!

Our storage units range in size starting at 5×5, 25 square feet units up to units that are 900 square feet with a 30×30 dimension. We have a large selection of units that can suit your needs, with prices that are the most affordable per square foot in the area.

Our cheapest units, the 5×5, 25 square foot unit, start at $25. From there, the price raises at a reasonable rate per square foot. A 100 square foot unit costs $65.00. 200 square foot units, the 10×20 are $105.00. Our largest unit, the 900 square foot, 30×30 is the most expensive, at $195.00 per month.

The best part about these prices? We price match! That’s right: if you find another storage facility in the area with a better price than ours, we will match that price and provide a better unit!

Affordable Safe Storage representatives are available 24/7. This means you can call us, get the rental unit, and store your stuff immediately.

Our units are well worth the money. We provide a fenced in area with a key code entry to protect your possessions. Our concrete units will keep your objects safe and dry.

When you are ready to get an affordable unit for your possessions, call Affordable Safe Storage for a quote and get your unit today!


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